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Art division with great concentration considers to revive stitch of Chinese embr
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The gorge river scene of magical magnificent, qing Li's free from vulgarity rosebud... 1 day, I save Yang Xiaoting of division of young arts and crafts to hold the 2nd individual embroidery to exhibit in Hubei art gallery, more than 10 among them work first emersion already the Chinese embroider with old be lost " swim needle embroider " stitch, draw exclaim of the personage inside course of study.

Yang Xiaoting of 29 years old is born at esteeming in relief county this year, in family the influence falls, she has a special liking to embroidery as a child. After from Shan head school of arts and crafts graduated 1996, yang Xiaoting begins to try the art work that him embroidery creates. She does obeisance to after this again the delegate stitch that Gu Wenxia of Suzhou embroidery Great Master learns Suzhou embroidery " random needle embroider " , she returns division to talk Great Master Wang Muyao to learn Chinese embroider from Han Xiuli.

In learning a process, yang Xiaoting understands: Have Chinese embroider of the history shared 45 kinds of stitch 2300, among them the oldest " swim needle embroider " stitch because its free and optional style, in can and Suzhou embroidery " random needle embroider " stitch is rivalled; Because of year long be lost, "Swim needle embroider " stitch keeps relevant character record only, its work sign is looked for hard.

5 years ago, yang Xiaoting is held in the arms revive surely " swim needle embroider " such target, collect a data everywhere, visit civilian Great Master, understand according to oneself with consider, creation gives the first " swim needle embroider " work " the woods " . Although the stitch of this work returns insufficient maturity, but already showed first " swim needle embroider " free and clever verve.

Subsequently 5 years, yang Xiaoting is created in succession piece " swim needle embroider " work " La Yan " , " elegant demeanour " , " middleaged man " etc. What be worth to be carried particularly is, she leads 10 students, cost 10 months to create 7 meters to grow roll " 3 gorge are seen get the better of " , get the elegant beautiful show of landscape cloud and mist incisively and vividly, having the enjoyable color like traditional Chinese painting. Han Xiuli talks Great Master Wang Muyao to give height the opinion to these work: "Revived not only ' swim needle embroider ' , and artistic effect makes a person exclaim. "

2006, " 3 gorge are seen get the better of " in China silver-colored award is won on exposition of high-quality goods of first arts and crafts, she herself also is awarded " Chinese youth is outstanding home of arts and crafts " title.

Origin: ? of そ  felt

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