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Embroider of consummate art or skill of 4 embroider woman becomes queen gown " c
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" nocturnal Shanghai " melody, be mingled with wears what railroad car gives out to bite dingdong is become sound... one instant, people seemed to return old Shanghai again. Changing a house to hold in Jing Anwen a few days ago " dress of sea manner and air and culture of old name dress are exhibited " , with the atmosphere that its build and exhibiting objective, attracted numerous audience, among them many be those who be attracted is medium old people.

Fashionable name of emersion old Shanghai " dress of sea manner and air and culture of old name dress are exhibited " after concentration revealed Shanghai to open pier 700 old, of dress of sea manner and air evolve into course. The dress look that has each history level among them is made, design, the sartorial shop of old times old Shanghai, old tailor, business spreads vista, old photograph of renown Yuan fair maiden and share are precious objective. Belle calendar and various cheongsam, dish discount the echo each other at a distance that show, make the one large window in the exhibition hall.

Here, people take delight in talking about once the Hong Xiang of be the rage, fashionable dress that cultivates market of Luo Meng, friend, the embroider shoe of Cheng Xifu's cap and little garden; Apply first in those days, always install, new new, big new agitation of round of another round of fashionable since the Ceng Xian in the shopwindow of company of 4 big fashionable dress, and can be in nowadays one horn is able to recall the exhibition hall they in those days elegant demeanour.

Old inn-keeper is moved special treasure

Nowadays, star attends activity of of all kinds business, for the brand Dai Yan, go to situation emerge in endlessly. Going up early century 339 time, zhou Xuan, poplar, on Guan Yunzhu, Xu Yulan, Yin Guifang ever arrived inn hall of Heng Yuanxiang, the new fund sweater that rolls out for its appears go to situation. Exhibit this, although Heng Yuanxiang did not invite star to aid blast, however with a nearly 6 meters wide, lovely modelling sweater that is as long as 3 meters many, make one large window.

It is the Hong Xiang of old name together, move a horizontal inscribed board of inscribe of Mr Cai Yuanpei, submit a written statement to a higher authority " bridge of home products ferry " 4 big character. Hold water at the Hong Xiang 1917, it is China not only company of the first fashionable dress, and going up 30 time are in the century outfit is beautiful when China performed a woman first. Should say to star in those days battle array, hong Xiang made 100 butterfly unlined upper garment for film empress Hu Die not only, connect the scarlet cloak that Li Sha of British queen Yi wraps around when Bai Ershi marriage, it is Hong Xiang 1947 tailor-made, obtained queenly holograph accordingly " Xie Tie " . Cloth art barbola shows myriad amorous feelings
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