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Work of embroider of Chen Yaxian random needle " Yi Wensai " selected " Oriental
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Chen Yaxian work " Yi Wensai "

Dispatch of daily of dragon net Changzhou recently, first when by art of literature of province of association of Chinese folk literary home, Jiangsu group union sponsors " of Oriental arts and crafts exposition " in Nanjing center of love billows art pulls open heavy curtain. 10 " Oriental jewellery " show itself from inside work of 514 folk arts and crafts, of Chen Yaxian of Great Master of embroider of our city random needle make complacently " Yi Wensai " be in awesomely row.

Be in the world on film history, yiwen thinks of the pioneer of film of the record that be called, he ever obtained knock gently too Na Jinzong Lv large award, have " vanward film poet " beautiful praise. 1985, chen Yaxian of Great Master of Chinese arts and crafts uses 3 months time only, finished this " Yi Wensai " , the lubricious line embroider that this embroidered portrait uses neither of freely across and degree of finish, accident, density to be the same as gives effigies feature of the character, below brunet setting, generation art Great Master's sedulous reflection shape appear vividly at watching person at the moment.

The Chen Yaxian's daughter, Sun Yanyun that is engaged in creation of random needle embroider likewise is recollected, before 1985, this work is exhibited in arts and crafts of Beijing whole nation first on when appearing, obtain high opinion, by experts praise for " current embroidery history go up the most perfect work " , chen Yaxian was taking this work to be exhibited to Japan 1986, cause in place astonish, after ending showpiece, sponsor just think method to take work in Japan even, "Meantime experienced a lot of disturbance, till two years later, " Yi Wensai " ability flounder returns home. " Yi Wensai " ability flounder returns home..

Origin: ? of V naphthalene 

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