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Showpiece time: 2007-7-5 comes 2007-7-7 Application ends: 2007-6-20 Periodic: 1 year / Establish time: 2002 Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Zhejiang / carry on starts city Specific address: Chinese • carry on promotes world trade centre (highway of Jin Ke bridge and 329 nations line are handed in collect be in) Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: Equipment of ◎ tailor machinery: Pre-treatment of of all kinds sewing machine, tailor, hind arrange equipment and system, cut out, machine of machine of needle of machine of the machinery that press cloth, slide fastener, check, printing machine, hosiery machine, keyhole, open bag of machine, packer, seam dish of machine, dark seam machine, hammer button machine, braiding machine, heat; Equipment of ◎ inwrought machinery: Machine of embroider of computer of only head, bull, bead piece gold of machine of machine of embroider computer embroider, flying shuttle embroider, computer piece the machine that prick embroider, hand shakes embroider machine, sew with long stitches seams machine, laser beam cutting machine and embroider aircraft component to reach dozen of edition system; Component of ◎ tailor machinery: Equipment of pin plate of car needle, car, bedplate, frame, sew uses box of electric machinery, have enough to meet need, garment to fight, cap of core of shuttle head, shuttle, shuttle, knife is cut, staff of rubber roll, crankshaft, chain, brace, gear, boiler; ◎ computer is auxiliary equipment, make edition and plate making system: Illuminant of dress CAD/CAM system, lubricious card, standard is right lubricious lamp box, professional book / newspapers and periodicals; ◎ makes very hot equipment: Smoke / vapour of wet very hot stage, gush, except corrupt steam of clean stage, electricity is very hot bottle, puissant machine of cloth of machine of figuration of machine of bit suction a string, shrink, dry-clean machine, check, iron equipment of very hot, agglutinate; ◎ graph technology and equipment: Equipment of equipment of equipment of embroider of pattern input system, computer, graph knitting equipment, printing equipment and material, flocking and material, coloring, hook is made up machine; Complementary makings manufactures ◎ clothing equipment: System of air conditioning of equipment of brand production equipment, loom, lacy machine, bar code, energy-saving environmental protection and other are relevant equipment of form a complete set.
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