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2007 the 3rd inferior exhibition of industry of Thailand border embroider
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Showpiece time: 2007-10-29 comes 2007-10-31 Application ends: 2007-9-30 Periodic: 1 year / Establish time: 2005 Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Specific address: Guangdong contemporary international exhibits a center (Dongguan is thick street) Showpiece industry: Spin / bedding / curtain embroider / tablecloth Ginseng extend range: ◆ embroider equipment kind: Machine of embroider of only head, bull computer, bead piece gold of machine of machine of embroider computer embroider, flying shuttle embroider, computer piece inwrought machine, hand shakes embroider machine, sew with long stitches seams a replacement of engine of inwrought equipment, embroider, laser to carve cut equipment, embroider to use pare glue machine, chip / ; Equipment of the sewing machine of lacy machine, jacquard weave machine, pattern, machine that knit Ma, brand machine, crochet machine, warp knitting and a replacement of engine of of all kinds embroider. Category of ◆ lacy embroider: Of all kinds embroider / inwrought and lacy, warp knitting / the hook makes up embroidery of embroider of textile of lacy, embroider and dress, chip, bead embroider, special type embroider, craft embroider, nation and other embroider to taste. ◆ complementary makings kind: Of all kinds and lacy reach embroidery thread, Shui Rong film, chip, bead piece, line of gush glue, embroider fills wait for auxiliary things. Sponsor square:

Association of alliance of industry of Asian spin garment
Guild of Shanghai tailor machinery
All and city computer embroidery aircraft consortium Undertake square:

Inferior peaceful exhibition limited company Assist do square:

Association of European spin clothing
Middle east and African trafficker are met Exhibit meeting network address: Www.ataiexpo.com/aiwe Exhibit meeting specification:

Inferior exhibition of industry of Thailand border embroider (AIWE) with its actual strength by industry accepted for " the most top class international major extends Chinese embroider trade greatly " , it is to be located in the sale in domestic market and exit photograph union, the most professional grand meeting that shows embroider industry to machine embroider finished product to wait for whole industry catenary from production in the round surely. Exhibit meeting with " specialization, internationalization " for fixed position, with " commerce, collaboration, development " give priority to a problem, make embroider industry with all one's strength one-stop all-around internationalization purchases platform.
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