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Showpiece time: 2007-7-5 comes 2007-7-7 Application ends: 2007-6-20 Periodic: 1 year / Establish time: 2002 Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Zhejiang / carry on starts city Specific address: Chinese • carry on promotes world trade centre (highway of Jin Ke bridge and 329 nations line are handed in collect be in) Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: ◎ spinning machine fetterses: Machine of machine of machine of combing of cotton spinning machinery, cotton, fly frame, spun yarn, twisting frame, cone winder, drawing, reeling frame, turn a cup of spinning machine; ◎ loom is mechanical: Machine of cloth of machine of sari of cloth of machine of cloth with soft nap of machine of loom of water of gush of loom of loom of shuttleless loom, rapier, water of air-jet loom, gush, PE, gripper loom, tatting, warping machine, bunch, check, code; ◎ silk and silk spinning are mechanical: Automatic reeling machine, without twist and filar machine and real silk loom; ◎ knitting frame fetterses: Machine of round loom, horizontal loom, jacquard weave, seam machine of dish of machine, lacy machine, hosiery machine, glove, warp knitting machine, hook to make up fittings of machine of machine, braiding machine, brand, loom and knitting frame instrument to wait; ◎ catharsis, blanch, coloring, printing, arrange facility: The potting machine, machine that retreat an oar, blanch machine, washer, shrink machine of cloth with soft nap, coloring machine, printing machine, stenter, card clothing finalizes the design machine, calendering machine, spin-drier, drier, dryer, turn machine of engine of steam of machine, steam, decatizing, fluffing machine to wet machine, evaporate; ◎ chemical fibber is mechanical: Times twist fine of machine, accident times twist underwater of machine of machine, the gauze that wrap Fu, polyester cuts an equipment to wait; ◎ other spin is mechanical: Be not weaving content and industry to wait with machinery; ◎ spin equipment reachs accessory: Textile test and plan measure equipment, reclaim and contaminative control equipment, Electromechanical, electric equipment, fight electrostatic device, air to purify / adjust air conditioning of technology of automation of equipment, spin, compressor, energy-saving environmental protection removes dust equipment, carry the equipment that pack, gearing and all sorts of engine, . Sponsor square:

Zhejiang province spins association of industrial economy information gently (officer unit: Zhejiang saves economic trade commission)
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