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Fair of trade of textile of dress of international of the 14th 2008 Shanghai
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Showpiece time: 2008-3-25 comes 2008-3-27 Application ends: 2008-1-20 Periodic: 1 year / Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Shanghai / Pudong new developed area Specific address: Road of Shanghai dragon this world 2345 Showpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: Dress: Fabrics of spin of men's clothing, female outfit, childen's garments, dress: Silk, cotton knits, wool knits, hemp knits, chemical fibber kind textile of family expenses of tatting, knitting and coating fabric, of all kinds and complex web: Spin of family expenses of vestee of things of towel, curtain, bedroom, sofa, carpet, other decorates new-style fiber: Natural fiber / yarn of synthetic fibre: The circle makes up reach a horizontal stroke to make up knitting the yarn, tatting yarn, yarn that knit socks, yarn that make the clothing, industrial yarn, vestee yarn, copy flix yarn is high-grade complementary makings: Belt of embroidery, lacy, liner, button, line, brand, slide fastener Sponsor square:

Organizing committee of Cultural Festival of Shanghai international dress Undertake square:

Shanghai spin technology serves an exhibition center Assist do square: Exhibit meeting network address: Exhibit meeting specification:

A commerce platform that China expands quickly and perfecting
Sponsor an unit
Organizing committee of Cultural Festival of Shanghai international dress
Undertake unit
Service of Shanghai spin technology exhibits a center

One develops the ideal channel of the market
Fashion Shanghai 2008 is in those days one of professional exhibition that complete first quarter China implements scale most. , will highlight " trade cooperates " tenet, already won the wide recognition of industry, becoming the essential commerce platform of textile of fabrics of the high grade dress that has international grade level, spin, family expenses stage by stage.
It also is one of significant activities of Cultural Festival of Shanghai international dress, it is the professional trade activity of the dress dry goods that Shanghai gets exclusively municipal government supports,
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