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Dress of 2007 China International crosses a country to purchase Fair
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Showpiece time: 2007-9-18 comes 2007-9-20 Application ends: 2007-7-31 Periodic: 1 year / Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: Businessman Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited can Exhibit meeting area: Shanghai / static install classify Specific address: Shanghai Yan'an on the west 2299 Showpiece industry: Dress embroider fabrics / the garment pants embroider Ginseng extend range: Men's clothing, female outfit, childen's garments, eider down is taken, outfit of knitting wool unlined upper garment, cowboy, late outfit / dress of marriage formal attire, Pi Cao, silk, uniform, infant outfit, sportswear, fashionable dress, underwear, recreational outfit, dress act the role ofing is tasted Sponsor square:

Chinese clothing association / store of Shanghai world trade Undertake square:

Store of Shanghai world trade Assist do square:

The United States is amounted to pull this market control center (DMC) Exhibit meeting network address: Http://shanghaimart.kex168.com Exhibit meeting specification:

Postpone meeting introduction:  
2005, the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of 0 quota period, the new era of spin garment industry comes.
2006, enterprise and international are retail purchase business to cross a country to purchase Fair mode to what receive, make a when spin dress commercializes important mark.
2007, have " spin dress crosses a country to purchase new coordinate " the store of Shanghai world trade that say, organize Chinese clothing association with the professional and senior industry that has cosmopolitan force, again strong strong together, use respective advantage resource, help you come true to purchase the longing that 0 distances contact dealer with international dress, reach commerce butt joint!

&nbsp is strong strong together -- integrated resource, complementary advantage, compose builds strong strategy alliance
After afterwards combined consummate result first in September 2006, chinese clothing association and store of Shanghai world trade cooperate hand in hand again, make full use of respective resource forms complementary advantage, strong strong hit out together, buy what the home offers high grade supplier resource and major to purchase a service for global major.
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