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Pattern stylist
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Enrol office unit: Some embroider tastes foreign trade company
Contact: Some embroider tastes foreign trade company
Working type: Full-time
Sexual requirement: Do not be restricted
Issue date: 2008-10-27

Contact means: 057585692119
Number of invite applications for a job: 1
Pay pay:
Requirement of record of formal schooling:
Period of validity: 30 day

Specific requirement:
Enrol 1, make experience 3 years with go to work, have stronger design innovation capacity, painterly strength, the first take sb on the staff that pass is made in Korea company. Once by my company take sb on the staff, organic meeting and international senior stylist communicates, the can better capability that promotes oneself. Welcome the affiliation of outstanding stylist, develop jointly with the company. Yearly salary 3-12 10 thousand.  

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