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China spins concussion of the makings in the city gently to be down fabrics to p
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China spins a city gently in last few days, the makings in dress suffers season to restrict concussion to be down, fabrics kind coarse cotton cloth of bounce cloth, copy promotes situation reproduction; The price is given priority to smoothly.

These days, add in dress makings " cleanse tower husband " , " 5 damask " , " lightsome spin " , " Chun Ya is spun " , " summerly a soft silk fabric " etc suffer winter clothing to produce limitation, market whole input is weakened, trade ceaseless concussion, market majority clinchs a deal intermittent, batch is answered shrink, market respect is waiting to go up to cheapen, sale price continues to be given priority to smoothly. But go up these days grey majority still lacks reaction, in be being stabilized except price of goods much share small drop now situation, money is little kind of breed if 170t " cleanse tower husband " because grey is insufficient, the price has 0.01-0.02 instead yuan / M is small on raise; Among them " lightsome spin " grey go up to also appear insufficient up to now, grey of a few cost price although goods is finite, market respect is rare also receive, if batch is bigger, also need the pick up the goods after delaying. At present in add makings fluctuation to relatively early days is not harmonious, the market is the quantity shrinks the price was not moved, this basically is, manufacturer home already scrupled somewhat to yielding before, incident is current grey is finite, cover valence is given priority to. But fluctuation road weak sign has been formed, the industry below integral price quantity is become finality, predict prices is given priority to with dropping next week.

These days, gauze of clothing fabrics T/r, this world sticks the copy coarse cotton cloth such as gauze to accept the order batch grow in quantity, integral batch with each passing day magnifies, show wintry spring breed to be moved repeatedly situation. The winter is used thick model if 500 much G/m amount to 600 grams / evaporate of fill of Mt/r gauze active " 7 colour double deck " , " double deck plumule " , t/r this world sticks evaporate of gauze active fill " 7 colour double deck " , " double deck serge " evaporate of fill of active of coarse cotton cloth waiting for copy and gauze of T/r of spring clothing of 400g/m inside and outside " 4 colour " , T/r this world sticks evaporate of gauze active fill " 7 colour " wait for most breed to have sales volume each, gross relatively early days is certain in have litre, the price is stable in show small force to push litre. After predicting a few days small rise situation continuously, the price is certain in show go up. The corresponding period, arrange cloth of season trousering bounce in order to grow the tatting that fine gives priority to, purchase and sale relatively early days has enlarge to go up again: This world is stuck compound and gauze and low elater, silk those who make " abb plays double deck cloth " , "Play hidden from view on four sides double deck cloth " , compound and cleanse bombazine and low elater, silk make " abb plays double deck cloth " , "Play hidden from view on four sides double deck cloth " , "Abb plays cloth of concealed case double deck " , "Play cloth of concealed case double deck on four sides " etc thick model, add thick model fabrics of warmth retention property, suffer choose and buy of northward merchant cash reserve in a bank and order to interact day after day, the situation after double deck cloth still shows the market not to lose, rush on still provide power.
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