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China spins a city gently 21 days fabrics market is bit more active ceaseless em
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That day, whole of cloth of knitting of market of long minute cloth trades relatively on day is firm in have litre, the cheap color that washs silk is given priority to among them is knitted braid model the recreational part that install cloth with soft nap clinchs a deal with actor price to the limit of one's capacity, the price is certain in have drop; The winter is used " bead bead cloth with soft nap " , " pomegranate cloth with soft nap " etc bright and beautiful cleanse, bright and beautiful stick price of fashionable dress flannelette soft accelerate shipment,

That day, cotton market pure cotton cloth is overall go situation relatively on day is pushed somewhat litre, the price is certain in have litre have drop. Except pure cotton convention price of coloring cloth, recreational cloth is measured relatively on day is basic and calm, the bedding bag cloth in living in cloth art among them clinchs a deal send slightly over on day, the price is stable; Blanch cloth with embroider of stiletto of a few pure cotton especially, suffer clothing factory to exceed season draw a design to try sheet with much breed, batches small issue sheet repeatedly: 68 poplin of 30s × 30s, 68 × , 72 poplin of 40s × 40s, 133 × , 60 gauze of 20s × 16s, 128 × get stuck wait for each to be moved somewhat, gao Ting having price; The corresponding period, convention of blame of pure bombazine of a few 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s " cloth of the jacquard weave that penetrate hole " suffer sex of collocation exceeding season small batches to try sheet for many times, become the dynamic place of cotton market is mixed that day point of growth, have price all taller. That day, 40s of × of 40s of gauze of cotton market blending, 96 × 72, 45s × 45s, 96 × 72, × of 21s × 21s 100 53, mercery of thin silk of the poplin such as 32s/2 × 16s, line, sail " cloth of the jacquard weave that penetrate hole " , " stiletto embroider cloth " have price taller also, most each suffer pregnancy of place of draw a design of clothing factory spring clothing, make the point of growth with cleanse medium that day cotton cloth at the same time.

If other is of all kinds thickness pure cotton cloth, blending cleanse cotton cloth, interweave breed of cleanse cotton mercery, in the course arenaceous wash, after grinding flower, the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics to wait for much craft aftertreatment also each are welcome, found of the city after be.

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