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China spins a city gently: "Abb of paillette of bombazine of feeling of the wool
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The near future spins a city gently in China old market and cloth of minority of market first floor goes on the west, "Abb of paillette of bombazine of feeling of the wool that mix scene is played " accept favour of place of merchant of north and south fully, small lot much batch is local quality relatively move annul.
This fabrics classics holds 32S bombazine in the arms to silk of 300D wool feeling (use 800 twist low number of turn twists) , broadwise 150DPOY silk holds paillette silk in the arms to hold silk of 40D ammonia black silk ribbon in the arms, fabric fastens satin weave grain. The course is only second in after the craft that reduce an amount is handled, feel is relatively soft, overhang function relatively beautiful. Use set catch craft to make chemical fibber is caught brunet, bombazine catchs light color or in colour colour and lustre, finished product fabrics matchs with deep coffee especially shallow yellow, coffee matchs in yellow, deep black match shallow ash, deep green match shallow green, deep orchid match shallow orchid the fabrics that waits for colour and lustre to deserve to compare is dominant product, integral cloth holds a style that mix scene concurrently, silk of paillette of finished product cloth cover still holds concurrently dazzling bright beautiful style, fabrics broadwise bounce is good.
This fabrics door 150cm, every meters of gram is in about again 450 grams left and right sides, near future merchandise on hand approves valence to be in commonly 9.60-9.80 yuan / rice left and right sides; See appearance order goods order color to approve valence to be in commonly 10.80-11.00 yuan / between rice. Fabric is fashionable woman garment of the recreational jacket with good early spring time, skill, jacket is installed and fashionable dress pants uses series fabrics, men and women of colour and lustre of speak or sing alternately all can be worn with, because cloth holds a good cotton sensibility concurrently can, softness holds out draw together and suffer merchant of north and south of 2 class market, dress to produce show appreciation for sb of business client place fully again, sex of collocation of colour and lustre of small lot much breed relatively move annul. Show partial clothing factory to be in only for season dress produces coating of draw a design early spring, this kinds of fabrics suffers small lot of clothing manufacturer client to order fully, reason exceeds season to move annul.

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