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China spins a city gently 27 days: ? of branny childish of border Xing clinchs
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China spins a city gently 27 days, attendant client is begged buy enthusiastic inadequacy, market sales volume is dispersive, do not have a characteristic. Purchase and sale of two kinds of big cloth measures long, short fine to glide somewhat instead, the price is certain many litres little. This day, the market rises from the morning, not emerge in large numbers before " cart car come-and-go is frequent, crossing jams grow in quantity, the dot that pile up cloth has not enough time to pile up cloth, hit an inn cloth to be deposited without the ground, store carry car has not enough time to allocate, the bank discharges cue, car of carry bank note not Ding makes a round trip " etc make vigorous state, whole trades drop many litres little. Cloth of old person of cloth of real silk of flax of the knitting cloth among long minute cloth, lining cloth, copy, copy, mesh, lubricious weaving and cotton print of mercery of assist man's headdress used in ancient China, join city merchandise on hand that day little at going up day, order is sent little at going up day, clinch a deal relatively on day has each drop. Be like a few professional large family that day the copy hemp Dty/ with get victory of character, style is compound filar tool product " abundant of essence of life " , " bright of essence of life " , " knight " etc, into report to the superior after accomplishing a task last year. And the pure cotton cloth among short fine cloth, cleanse sticks cloth of cloth, mixture cloth, spun yarn bounce, the merchandise on hand that enter town is little at going up day, order is sent little at going up day, clinch a deal relatively on day has each drop. That day a few run measure kind of Fdy " lining cloth " demand relatively on day fall after a rise, but gross is more than last year. And wash completely among them model " curtain cloth " as usual trades, "Window screening " clinch a deal be more than on day, long minute kind " bounce snow is spun " , " spring look is fourth " , " bounce oily appearance " etc thin model bounce cloth clinchs a deal to be more than slightly on day, short fine kind color of 32s-45st/c cleanse cotton is knitted, demand of coloring shirt cloth is more than on day, the man-made cotton cloth that printing 32s gives priority to relatively on day has growth newly. 27 days, china spins city whole enthusiasm gently to be not worth, merchandise on hand is cut down, order goods send decrease, the price falls many litres firmly finite; Halfway printing, color knits 30s-40s " complete cotton " , printing 32s-33 " person cotton cloth " , as a result of with the passing of time of keep long in stock of valence tall merchandise on hand, the price begins to have 0.20-1.00 yuan / M lets valence decrease a storehouse, but still lack reaction. The market that day advocate guest two relatively in former years all is shown sober, atmosphere is poor last year, overall trade situation relatively on day is weakened somewhat, prep above last year the corresponding period. Predict market whole is handed in days from this inside course of study cast continue firm in go drop.
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