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Embroider variety design grooms
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Contact an address: The road in lake of bridge of Xing Ke of Zhejiang province carry on connects a telephone call 369 numbers: 0575-85687213/0575-84561029 contact: Liu is unripe DefineFree member is registered Release business chance freely Customer service center: Xie favour part of the day is? of cough of  of head of eye of chasm of cheek of drop of peptide  

Applicable industry: Firm of design of printing plant, embroider factory, textile mills, spin, home spins company of company of enterprise, foreign trade, clothing to wait.
Groom form: Full-time study, follow along with learn, till the society, institutional hind has pattern CD and data to give.
Give class time: Day shift (early 8: 00- afternoon 6: At 0 o'clock) , night shift (5: 00-23: At 0 o'clock) .
Obtain employment arrangement: This website already had long-term talent and technical collaboration service with enterprise of countrywide numerous spin, the column of company invite applications for a job that uses China to spin market of embroider net talent gently makes platform, make student has more choose job opportunity.
Circumstance of board and lodging: We will execute the student that this locality and other place come to back and forth fare submits an expense account (withhold fare proof) please, provide room (the bed has quilt) , repast expends 5-10/ eat.

After learning, serve: Student learns to come home after taking a company, we will dog technical support, the bill that thinks we accept the student of set up shop is OK also deal out student is done, the plate making difficult problem that student does not know we will be termless seek advice freely, student is OK also come back to learn again, we will receive tuition again no longer

Groom course grooms content
The member that printing manuscript designs education designs dress and home to spin fabrics printing manuscript, the member that use teacher and student of watercolors of soaked noodles made from beans or sweet potatoes designs China and Euramerican printing pattern.
Computer pattern designs computer to design beautiful draft: Use golden prosperous color separation to design software education.
Embroider manuscript is designed 1, teach dress embroider and home to spin embroider manuscript to design, use Korea embroider manuscript to design a style, middle east and Euramerican reach Chinese embroider to design style education.

2, teach the home to spin principle of match colors of manuscript of design of stitch of embroider and foundation of design of dress embroider design and application, embroider, embroider.

3, embroider machine principle, (this center has computer embroider opportunity, embroider designs student to be able to understand the principle of embroider machine, can operate embroider aircraft) , spin fabrics complementary makings ABC, embroider ABC.
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