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Computer embroider blocks a car to groom
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Contact an address: The road in lake of bridge of Xing Ke of Zhejiang province carry on connects a telephone call 369 numbers: 0575-85687213/0575-84561029 contact: Liu is unripe DefineFree member is registered Release business chance freely Customer service center: Xie favour part of the day is? of cough of  of head of eye of chasm of cheek of drop of peptide  

China spins skill of embroider net profession gently to groom the center is located in the world the biggest spin gently taste distribution centre---Zhejiang carry on promotes China of bridge stalking or branch to spin a city gently, this center external draw a design of plate making of design of printing design, plate making of color separation of printing draw draft, embroider, embroider, embroider, home spins finished product the service project such as design, jacquard weave design, provide excellent service for broad client, our company have machine of advanced computer embroider to make edition sample for the client, jackaroo for student of embroider plate making, perfectness and of all kinds smooth embroider, Shui Rongxiu, gold piece the embroider of embroider, aperture of cross-stitch, carve, embroider that stick cloth, towel embroider, dish three-in-one of the embroider that bring a cord, domain of embroider spin industry involves range very extensive. At present our company have many pattern to design staff, can ask to design clothing by the client, the home spins bedding, the variety design such as curtain printing, embroider, jacquard weave, embroider can be plate making of client computer embroider after variety design is good, the service such as match colors of embroider machine draw a design, 冾 of presence of each new old client talks about greeting whole nation advisory business!

Applicable industry: Firm of design of printing plant, embroider factory, textile mills, spin, home spins company of plant of company of enterprise, foreign trade, inwrought technology, clothing to wait.
Groom form: Full-time study, follow along with learn, till the society, institutional hind has pattern CD and data to give.
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